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Written in the wee hours of the morning (I think 4?). Might not make sense.

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#12 – Gaze

            The Sakurai Yuuto she knows is patient, kind, gentle, and a little bit more than just clumsy.

            Even so, she loves him.


            Airi can’t stop herself from shivering from the intensity of his gaze. Of Sakurai Yuuto, Ryoutaro’s friend.

             (And before she knows it, she’s falling again.)

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…Rekka-angst? Sorry if it sounds choppy.


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#11 – Unrequited

            Once, a brief once upon a time, Rekka fancies herself in love with Kouga.

            It’s the first time she feels this way, so she immediately puts her defenses up, hostile and defensive, determined to show the Golden Knight that she was no mere weak woman. After all, a strong warrior needs a strong woman, if she wants to stay by his side.

            …And then she meets Kaoru, the infamous woman splattered with Horror blood, doomed to die in a hundred days, saved by Garo. By Saejima Kouga.

            (And isn’t that how fairytales go? The damsel in distress is always saved by the gallant knight, and they fall in love—it’s always a happy ending, and there’s no room for her.)

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First Hiromu/Yoko! (I think.)

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#10 – Not-Confession

            The first time Yoko confesses, it’s after days and nights agonizing on what to say, how to say, and what to do should he not respond or says something that (always) pisses her off.

            Of course, Hiromu, that Siscon, just had to be accidentally struck in the head by Nick and chase the robot all over the room.

            The second time, they’re alone in the training room, and just when she’s about to say the words, they’re suddenly called on a new mission. Hiromu’s already running out the door, shouting for her to get ready.

            The third time, Yoko’s out of patience, and screams it across the room as everyone is rushing around, preparing for a new mission.

            “I don’t hate you, you Siscon!”

            (It’s just her luck that everyone chooses then to freeze in silence, all round eyes trained at her.)

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If roles were reversed. (I am still in denial.)


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#9 – Eternity

            He lowers his spear, finally. Finally.

            It is over.

            He turns, and Mai is waiting for him, angelic in blond and white, with a single crimson eye.

            “Mai.” He holds his hand out, and she takes it, smiling up at him like she always does.

            They walk out of the smoking battlefield, and into eternity.


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This one just popped up….anyways, pre-Haruto/Koyomi?


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Home Is Where the Heart Is

            Shigeru looks up when he hears footsteps. “How is he?” he asks.

            Koyomi sets down the small basin. “He’s sleeping,” she says in a weary voice. Her movements mechanical, she twists the damp towel to get rid of residual droplets. Her shoulders are tense, and the grim line of her mouth tells Shigeru that something’s on her mind.

            Before he can say anything, Koyomi, swallowing convulsively, stutters, “I-I’m only a burden.

            “I can’t fight…I can’t survive without taking Haruto’s magic….I can only stay here, waiting until he comes back.” The last ends as a little wail. “I-I can’t…”

            “Koyomi-chan,” Shigeru breaks in gently. He rises and walks over to her, taking her hand in both of his. She looks at him with tear-filled eyes, and Shigeru smiles with all of the fatherly instincts that he has.

            “Koyomi-chan,” he says carefully, “why do you think Haruto comes back here?”

            Puzzled, she purses her lips. “B…because this is his home,” she says after a few moments.

            “That’s right—because you, Koyomi-chan, are his home.”

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            Written after watching the final movie for Saejima Kouga’s arc.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the GARO franchise.



#8 - Waiting

            Kaoru’s gotten used to waiting.

            All right, it wasn’t as if she was bad at waiting—after all, good art was only created with time—but there’s always uncertainty when it came to Kouga….because, despite him being the strongest, there’s really no guarantee that he would come back.

            (That’s what scares her the most.)

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I have mixed feelings about the GARO anime.

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            Just thought that this would be interesting…anyone care to adopt the idea and create an awesome crossover fic?

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#7 – Woman in White

            When the winds died down and the flashing lights disappeared, Ryuga lowered his arms and squinted through the settling dust. His hand automatically reaches for his sword when he sees a crouched figure in the darkness. Wait…

            “Who are you?” he manages to shout despite the dust in his lungs. Behind him, Rian and Takeru cough behind him, neither immune to the dust that accompanied the sudden storm.

            The figure coughs, and something about it catches him off-guard. A woman…? But there have been female Horrors before…

            “Kaoru,” the mysterious woman coughs, almost glowing in the moonlight in her white clothing. “Mitsuki Kaoru.”


Aaaaaaaaand I’m leaving it like that. ::cackles::

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            Mai-centric, angsty Kaito/Mai. Again. (Apparently I’m a big fan of it.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.


#6 – Yearning

            Mai loves Kouta, she does—after all, they are the First Man and Woman. But her love is not that of a woman for a man.

            (She wishes—)

            Sometimes, just sometimes, she descends to see Kaito, and wishes.


            She wonders if Kaito thinks the same thing, whenever he sees her.

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            Written after watching the finale for GARO: Makai no Hana.

            (Someone, please tell me why I like Kouga/Kaoru so much.)

Disclaimer: I do not own GARO.


#5 –Wanderer


            Rei once asks Kouga if he ever regrets bringing Kaoru into the shadows of their world, while the two are watching her and their son run around in the grass. After all, Kaoru is normal without any Makai powers (though he’d beg to differ), and has grown up in the outside world, ignorant of Horrors until splashed with Horror blood, and condemned to die.

            It’s not like he hasn’t thought about it, regretted putting through all the pain that she has gone through in the time she’s stayed by his side. And each time, she smiles that smile up at him, ever trusting, and he’s helpless against that feeling that flutters against his ribcage.

            And so, Kouga pushes on, wrapping the memories of her warm smile and laughter around him.

            He will find her.

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Because I’m feeling all the Hikari/Mio feels right now. ^//////////^ Expect more in the future—I’m planning to catch up on ToQger now that Gaim and GARO are finished.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ressha Sentai ToQger.



“Ne, is it really that fun, that kendama?”



/dissolves in a shipping puddle of goo


Uh….you don’t like it?

Glad you liked it, zarahjoyce! =^^=

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Because I’m feeling all the Hikari/Mio feels right now. ^//////////^ Expect more in the future—I’m planning to catch up on ToQger now that Gaim and GARO are finished.


Disclaimer: I do not own Ressha Sentai ToQger.




            “Ne, is it really that fun, that kendama?”

            Hikari looks up to see Mio looking inquisitively at him, dressed in a yellow apron and cheek smeared with a bit of flour. He has to school his face into an impassive expression at the sight—didn’t she know that she looked adorable? “You want to try?” he asks instead, holding it out with one hand.

            “Oh, no, I’m going to be horrible at it,” she demurs. But he wordlessly offers it to her with a nudge of his hand, and Mio takes it, eyebrows furrowed. She makes a first, second, third attempt, before sighing and handing it back to him. “I give up.”

            “It’s not that hard.” Hikari stands up and moves behind her. Before she can react, he envelopes her hand with his own (ignoring the thought of how small her hand is—), and demonstrates.


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So, I actually felt better enough for this to pop up. Kaito/Mai….not particularly angsty, but not particularly fluffy, either.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.



            The first time Kaito sleepwalks to her apartment, Mai isn’t so sure how to react. Nevertheless, knowing that leaving him alone is potentially disastrous, she draws him inside and gets him to sleep on the sofa, making sure that her bedroom door is firmly locked.

            (He is, however, gone by morning.)

            The second time, she lets him in again, only to have him fall asleep while sitting at her table. And yes, he’s gone by morning, she finds when she groggily lifts her head off the table.

            There is a third, a fourth, and a fifth time before Mai thinks there are a few problems. One, how in the world did he come to her apartment, albeit while sleepwalking; two, how did he ever not get caught?; and, three: why her?

            When during one his visits Kaito falls asleep next to her, his head pillowed by her shoulder, she chooses not to nitpick the little things, and curls against him to join him in dreams.

            Despite his nightly visits, Kaito never says a word, only is tight-lipped whenever his gaze brushes hers, and Mai wisely keeps her mouth shut.

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Day 19 – Most Epic Moment

            HAH. I have so many issues with this prompt, in that I can’t choose, there are just so many epic moments. I’ll talk about three of them (hence the very long response to the prompt), concerning three series: Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Wizard, and Kamen Rider Gaim.

1. Kamen Rider Fourze Final Showdown

             I was squealing when I saw Fourze and Meteor on their motorcycles, bravely heading for the final battle and—possibly—even their deaths. But more than that, it wasn’t just the two Kamen Riders heading into battle with a seemingly invincible enemy—the whole Kamen Rider Club, despite not being equipped with the same tools as the Kamen Riders, in their own way fights alongside them. I don’t remember ever having rooting for the good guys in a Kamen Rider series.


2. Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto getting his Infinity Form

             I know that Kamen Rider Wizard had a lot of flaws, but I was so excited to see Haruto getting a power up in Episode 31. Haruto attaining his Infinity form was not in the White Wizard’s plans, to his distaste. (Clearly the White Wizard was not anticipating, or welcoming, such a development.)    


3. Kamen Rider Gaim – Kaito slapping Ryouma

             Did I mention that I stood up in my seat and applauded (even let loose a whistle) when I saw this? Kaito did what the others didn’t—couldn’t—do, and I loved him for it.

             If I didn’t fangirl him so hard already, this would’ve cinched it.



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Day 18 – Favorite Theme Song

Hoo boy. Favorite Theme Song. I tend to like more Sentai theme songs than Kamen Rider ones (like Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Gobusters…). Hmm…

 The theme for Kamen Rider Fourze: “Switch On!” by Anna Tsuchiya.

(video credits to LimitBreakMeteor’s Channel on Youtube)

"Switch On!" is a song I’ve put on my morning playlist (named as "Bacon and Eggs," don’t ask—all of my playlist names are the names of foods) that I can wake up to and jam to while jumping up and down on the mattress.

            But more than that, the song gives a powerful, encouraging message that I keep close to my heart.