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Day 2 – Least Favorite Rider


OK, first of all, let’s just say that I don’t hate any Rider—no, really. If I don’t like any Rider, it’s just indifference.

…….Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And flying pigs deliver packages from Amazon and ebay.

A potential fault of mine is that I get emotionally invested in the shows that I watch—I am happy when the characters are happy, inordinately furious when they are angry, and crushed whenever they face trials and disappointments. That being said, if the character(s) I am rooting for in a show is hurt by another character. I most likely hate on the character unless he/she is otherwise redeemed.

Least Favorite Rider. Right. Kusaka Masato from Kamen Rider 555 (More affectionately known as Kamen Rider Faiz).


 I don’t think I was the only fan watching Faiz to cheer Masato’s demise at Yuuji’s hands—never mind that Yuuji was downright bat-crazy at the time. Why Kusaka Masato, you ask? Let’s see….

            Kusaka, in my mind, never redeemed himself in the series. He was self-serving and blatantly petty, and had no problem being a detriment in the hero’s fight against evil—not to mention, his creeptastic obsession with Mari. Oh, did I mention that he couldn’t be bothered helping a dying man by handing him a glass of water? He couldn’t even do that.

            Maybe I’m hating on him a little too strongly…but really, what can possible redeem him? (His backstory?) There’s a clear line between badassery and arrogance, and Masato clearly has jumped into arrogant territory.

            (OK, I’m hating on him a little too much. I need to stop.)

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Day 1 — Favorite Rider

Ah, jeez, this is a hard one. I know that recent posts would lead everyone to believe that it’d be Kamen Rider Baron, and he would be had it not been for….


Kamen RIder Meteor.


While I was watching Kamen Rider Fourze, this guy shows up, and I’m like, "What’s up with him?!” because he was so antagonistic towards Fourze and co. Then his story plays out, and…


…… and then appears his (canon!) love-line with Tomoko, and the rest is history. I’m a sucker for romance, and Ryusei/Tomoko is no exception.


But more than that, I really see development in Ryusei (Meteor) throughout the series, transforming from someone willing to do anything, even sacrifice a new friend, to save Jirou, to a fierce warrior (if he wasn’t one already) always ready protect his friends. So…more like before, the end justified the means, and later, it’s the journey that matters, I guess?

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Day 1- Favorite Rider-

Day 2- Least Favorite Rider-

Day 3- Favorite Series -

Day 4- Least Favorite Series-

Day 5- Series You’re Currently Watching-

Day 6- Series you recently finished-

Day 7- Series You Haven’t Seen-

Day 8- Favorite Side Character-



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Saved this a while back from another user, and unfortunately didn’t save the original poster! Sorry, and if you see this, let me know!

1 - favorite sentai
2 - favorite ranger color
3 - favorite villain
4 - favorite theme song
5 - love interest towards character
6 - favorite…

My submission!

1. Favorite Sentai — Hrm…..Samurai Sentai Shinkenger!

2. Favorite Ranger Color — Yellow….

3. Favorite Villain — Luckyuro from Kyoryuger

4. Favorite Theme Song — “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger” — Project.R (“CHANCHANBARA CHANBARA CHANBARABARA CHANBARA SENTAI SHINKENJAA!!!”)

5. Love Interest Towards Character — I guess….Hiromu from Go-Busters? I have a thing for awkward, aloof Reds.

6. Favorite Morpher — Go-Busters’

7. Favorite Individual Ranger Weapon — Kyoryuger Gold’s Zandar Thunder Sword!

8. What Memorabilia Do You Own?! — None, unfortunately. All my money goes to DVD boxes and BluRays. TT^TT

9. Easiest Villain to Beat — Huh….all the minion grunts?

10. Hardest Villain to Beat — Enter. It’s kind of hard beating a villain who can revive himself.

11. Favorite Sixth Ranger — it’s really tied between Go-Onger Gold and Kyoryuger Gold, tbh.

12. Favorite Mecha — Go-Buster King

13. Ranger I would Play — Shinken Yellow!

14. Favorite Individual Mecha — Shinken Blue’s origami

15. Favorite Scene — Do I have to pick just one?! Hmm…atm, Amy and Ucchi’s double battle in Brave 11.

16. Character I Relate To — Shinken Pink. Not personality-wise, but maybe in the way she mothers everyone.

17. Something in SS I Want in Real Life — Genta’s sushi cart! I don’t like sushi (which something my friends don’t understand, since I’m Asian), but maybe I can eat Genta’s?

18. Favorite Actor/Actress — Matsuzaka Tori (Shinken Red)

19. Least Favorite Season — Dekaranger, I think? I never really got into it.

20. Favorite MOTW — Keshigomuloid from Go-Busters. Annoying, but I found it cute.

21. An Idea You Have for a Season — Sumo Sentai. No, really.

22. Least Favorite Character — Basco Ta Jolokia from Gokaiger? He annoyed the heck out of me.

23. 6-Member 1-Color Ranger Team — All Golds. It’d be amusing to watch.

24. Favorite Roll Call — Go-Onger.

25. Favorite Mentor — Jii from Shinkenger! He’s like a father figure to all of the Shinkengers.

26. Least Favorite Mentor — NONE. They’re all fantastic.

27. Favorite Henshin Sequence — Shinkengers in the crossover episode of Kamen Rider Decade. The effects were cool to watch.

28. Favorite Suit Design — Shinkengers. (I”m sensing a pattern here….)

29. Favorite Helmet Design — Shinkengers, definitely.

30. Dream Team — Here goes….

Shinken Red

ToQger Blue

Kyoryuger Pink

Gosieiger Black

Shinken Yellow

Beat Buster

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            I have a penchant for angsty Kaito/Mai….Well, this one isn’t so…dramatic…but it’s not exactly sugary fluff, either.

…..OK, maybe it is.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.




            They may have won the war, but it is far from over—Zawame City has to be rebuilt, the frequent battles have taken their toll, and repairs have to be made, and once word spreads, people would return to repopulate the once-bustling city.

            Dawn sees Kaito stumbling into his quarters, dark circles taking permanent residence under his eyes, exhausted and just a little more irritable from hour after hour of meeting with people, contractors, politicians, and everyone under the sun—

            “You’re back.”

            His head jerks up. Mai is sitting on the couch, a throw blanket over her legs and tired eyes trained on him. “Mai.”

            “Long day,” she remarks, and Kaito can’t help but smile wryly. He doesn’t know how she got in, but he’s absurdly glad that she’s there. Coming home to an empty apartment isn’t appealing, nowadays.

            (He thinks that the other Team Baron members have been at work, here.)

            She pats the sofa next to her. “Come here.”

            He goes willingly to her, shedding his Baron coat along the way. She pulls his arm down, positioning him until he’s lying on the couch next to her, head in her lap. He closes his eyes, and lets out a sigh when he feels her fingers raking through his hair.

            Her eyes looked troubled. “Kaito—“

            “I’m fine—I just need to rest for a while.”

            “When do you need to go out again?” she asks instead.

            “Before noon.”

            “But—” You need to rest.

            He turns his head, breathing in the calming scent of her. “Just for a little while.”

            She says nothing in reply, but continues to run her fingers through his hair, and Kaito finally, finally sleeps.


I…I want to see fanart.

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Kamen Rider Club

I miss the entire crew….. TT^TT

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Kisaragi Gentarou, Kamen Rider Fourze: Minna De Uchuu Kita!

I miss Gentarou’s goofy smile.

Kisaragi Gentarou, Kamen Rider Fourze: Minna De Uchuu Kita!

I miss Gentarou’s goofy smile.

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The two years between him going on hiatus and leaving Watanabe I was so full of hope that he would come back, but then once he quit I thought I’d never see him again…

ahhhhh I’m too happy T____________T  And apparently I’m not the only one, because “Channaka” and “Yuuichi” are trending on Twitter in Japan!!!  He’s already getting a really warm welcome ;_____;  I hope he gets awesome acting jobs again soon!! I’ll watch them for sure :D


::insane fangirling screaming::

(via silverwind)

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I wrote this while listening to V.O.S.’s rendition of Shin Seung Hun’s “You’re Just in a Higher Place.” WARNINGS: SAD, OOC? OOC because of Kaito, because, frankly, I don’t think I wrote him in-character for this.

(I’m sorry. I’m unusually in a doom-and-gloom phase right now.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.



You’re Just in a Higher Place


            She lets out a deep breath when she reaches the last stone step. Overhead, the blue sky shines, and she can hear the chirpings of birds in a nearby tree. Briefly, she lifts her face to the sky, and lets the sun warm her face.

            It doesn’t take long for her to reach her destination, a small area shaded by a large tree. She lays her burden in front of the large stone slab, taking another deep breath. “Hello, Kaito.”

            He sits perched on the stone, dressed in his customary Baron vest, legs crossed at the knee and his hands folded over one knee. Contrary to his usual brooding expression, his face is open in relaxed welcome. “Hello, Mai.”

            “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” she says, getting up to sit next to him. “Sorry—things just got so busy.”

            He lifts one shoulder. “It can’t be helped. I don’t expect you to come so often.” Because I’m always here hangs between them.

            “Everyone’s doing well,” she says in a light tone, in an attempt to lighten the air, “Everyone’s relying on Kouta to rebuild the city.”

            He raises his eyebrows, but doesn’t say anything. They both know what he thinks of Kouta stepping up in being a leader.

            She giggles. “Yeah, right? I can’t imagine it, either, but he’s getting a lot of help.”

            “Hmph. That guy has never been good at leading,” Kaito replies. They smile at each other.

            “Oh—I didn’t get to tell you. I’m thinking of rebuilding the shrine,” Mai says. “I’ve been able to contact some people to get funds for building.” She throws her head back and looks up at the sunshine filtering through green leaves. “They’ll be done about this time, next year. Isn’t that great?

            “And you, Kaito? How have you been doing?” Mai looks over at him, looking at his side profile as the latter looks out in the distance.

            “Good. It’s peaceful here. You’ve picked a good spot.”

            “Right? Everyone I met here says that it’s always sunny here.”

            They fall silent, letting the silence stretch between them, until Kaito lets out a sigh and stands up. “It’s time for me to go.”

            She jumps up on her feet. “So soon? Can’t you stay a little longer?”

            Kaito turns to her, a small smile curving his lips. “You know I can’t.”

            “But…” Unable to keep back her tears, Mai furiously blinks her eyes, trying to keep him in focus.

            Kaito reaches out and gently brushes her cheek. “I’ll be back here, again, when you come next time.”

            “Promise?” she asks, reaching up to catch his hand, and misses it by just a second. There’s an odd expression on Kaito’s face, and she has to squint her eyes to see him.

            “I promise.” And he is gone.

            When she can’t see him anymore, Mai rubs at her tear-stained cheeks, smiling up at the sky. “You promised, Kaito! Next time.”

            Behind her, the bunches of orange blossoms rustle in the responding breeze.


I need to be reading/watching something that has rainbows and unicorns right now.

EDIT: Someone asked me about the significance of the orange blossoms at the end—no, they don’t directly reference to Gaim. Orange blossoms signify any of the following: eternal, eternity, and/or eternal love.

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Considering that I’m on a Tumblr-posting roll….Kaito/Mai! Because we need more of them.


Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Gaim.



            All is quiet when you enter the makeshift headquarters that Kouta and the others have organized. You consider going out once again, to patrol the area of enemies, when your cursory onceover of the place stops at her, sleeping peacefully on the couch.

            You don’t miss the dark circles under her eyes, the drawn cheekbones and the pale skin stretched thinly over fragile bones. Despite her sunny, positive countenance, even she feels the urgency, the direness of the situation, that they may not be on the winning side when this is all over.

            You let yourself indulge, just once. Just once.

            Moving silently, you approach the sofa, going down on one knee until you’re nearly on the same level, and slowly reach out with your fingers…

            ….and lovingly stroke the end of a single lock of hair.

GAH. I wish that there was a scene like this in the series. (Like that’s ever going to happen, with all the ship teases Kamen Rider is wont to do.)

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eggfiles said: Hi! Love your blog. I just want to ask, do you know when Itazura Na Kiss Season 2 is going to premiere? Thanks a lot!

OMG! I’m so sorry—I didn’t even notice this message! @.@  ::cries:: (I get so little messages that when they do come, I’m not alerted.)

I DO know that the second season is set to premiere probably in October or (heaven forbid) November, or even December. However, the SP starring the honeymoon is set to air in Japan on September 12, to whet fans’ appetites just for the second season.

Thanks for liking my blog! It’s just a hodgepodge of everything I like. It probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. ^^;;;

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Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa SP

It’s here! The SP will air on September 12, just before the second season of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo!!!!!


Sooooooooooo excited!!!! *happy dance* I love this version’s couple too much. @.@

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I once asked zarahjoyce for this prompt when I saw a challenge a looooooong time ago—I just didn’t have the inspiration for it, until now. Written in the duration that I was listening to TVXQ’s “Athena.” I’m not even sure if this makes sense—I kind of went with the flow? It came out…I don’t know…sadder than I expected?

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider Wizard.



            Koyomi is slightly disoriented, roused from a fitful sleep as she’s drawn into a too-warm, suffocating stronghold. “Haruto?”

            Haruto is mouthing words against her damp skin, face buried into the curve of her neck as the sound of thunder and windy rain outside her window eclipses his voice. She blinks, once, twice, and, finding her ground, wraps her arms around him and dips her head just so, until she can press her cheek on the crown of his head.

            (She ignores the sweat in his hair, dripping down his temples.)

            Sometimes, just sometimes (more often than she cares to admit), Haruto breaks.

            Protecting others’ hopes is no easy task, and she knows all too well the price Haruto pays. Despite the smiling, kind mask he puts on for the Gates, only she knows to look past it; it is during these times she feels that she is useful, that she has the right to stay by his side. She can do nothing else, save for alerting him of the presence of a Phantom.

            There’s an arrested, painful squeeze in her chest that she dutifully ignores. Right now, Haruto needs her.

            Koyomi tightens her embrace, and murmurs to Haruto that everything will be all right.

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10 sentences of Terui Ryu and Sakuta Ryusei if there were to meet. There may be a full-blown fic if I ever have the inspiration.

(Kind of, sort of inspired by my last post?)

Disclaimer: I own neither Kamen Rider W nor Kamen Rider Fourze.


1. Kamen Rider Accel pauses mid-attack. “Zodiarts? It’s not a Dopant?”

2. Ryu stands when he sees visitors filing into his office one sunny morning—all of them in sober black suits, save for one silent figure in blue.

3. The man in blue is introduced as Sakuta, the chief investigator of the case, and with whom Ryu will be working with until further notice..

4. There’s something…off about Sakuta, Ryu thinks, and is immediately wary.

5. There’s a strangely wistful look on Sakuta when he sees the wedding band. “You’re married.”

6. Being sharp as he is, Ryu soon notices that whenever Kamen Rider…Meteor, the mysterious fighter calls himself, Sakuta is nowhere in sight.

7. ….He’s right, by the way, when he notices that Sakuta isn’t all that he seems.

8. He’s the only one to catch Sakuta in a private moment, when he sees the latter sitting by himself in a corner, a faraway look in his eyes and…is that a snakeskin?

9. It’s not long before Ryu finds out the whole story, and feels something like kinship to the reticent Sakuta.

10. They’re more alike than both realize, Ryu thinks, when he offers a hand to Sakuta in farewell. “Good work.”

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So…been wondering about this while rewatching Kamen Rider W (when I should be finishing Go-Busters, but…::shrugs::)

Anyone ever wonder at the similarities between Ryu (Accel) and Ryusei (Meteor)? Let’s see here….

Secondary Rider status? Check.

Painful past? Check.

Out on a vengeful warpath? Check.

Received Belt from Mysterious Figure? Check.

Stoic personality? Check.

Prettiness? Check.

Awesome fighting skills? Check.

Police Occupation? Check. (If you consider that Ryusei’s Interpol, well…yes, since Interpol’s short for International Police)

Series Canon Pairing? Check. (Not to mention adorable? Check.)

So…..where’s that Kamen Rider Meteor Returns movie we’ve been raving about?

(Or even crossover fics?)